Here at last is a two minute video which captures the essence of wine’s distribution network in the U.S. as it malfunctions in a down economy. Also the funniest video I ever saw.

The simple truth of this situation explains why the channels of access for the 150,000+ wines on the market need to go beyond the 2,000 shelf positions in even a very large store. The system is choked with crap.

No wonder pundits complain about sameness. But the enemy isn’t technology — it’s the distribution system. These people simply aren’t tasting what’s out there. There are more great, distinctive American wines available to day than ever before in history; literally a hundred times as many as in 1975, But the internet is your only access to them. To provide guidance through that fascinating but daunting maze is why I started charting the AVA’s at Despite its problems, the Best-Of-Appellation process continues, now self-sustaining. Yours for a buck a week.