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Topics In Postmodern Winemaking

This area is designed to provide access to information, speculation, theory and scientific evidence regarding a variety of themes of current inquiry.  Visitors are encouraged to submit contributions.  Clark’s Dropbox contains assorted articles and presentations on these topics:

Postmodern winemaking principles

Vineyard Enology:  Vine balance, living soil, ripeness

Fermentation & co-extraction strategies

Comparing & contrasting the enological oxygen spectrum

Structure building & aromatic integration, oak functions

America’s Winemaking Diversity

Wine as liquid music:  harmony & astringency

Pros & cons of indigenous yeast fermentation

Microbial balance (“Integrated Brett Management”)

Reduction management



Sulfite-free winemaking

Sulfur dioxide revisited

“Natural Wines”, manipulation, & technology pros and cons of full disclosure

Smoke Taint

Science, business & altruism