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This blog consists of pieces on various wine technology topics. These are sorted into Categories: Postmodern Winemaking, Natural Winemaking, Terroir, Alcohol Adjustment, Social Responsibility, and

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Smoke Taint Treatment

Hi Clark: I have a wine with smoke taint from a grass fire. What remedial treatments are available?  What is the efficacy, have you seen

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California Pyra-noia in 2023

Noted columnist Dan Berger is writing a book on Cabernet Sauvignon, and he and I regularly discuss a common mental ailment among my winemaker colleagues

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The Basics About Acids

Clark, The same red wine shows the following chemistry in adjacent years: ’11 pH: 3.65 TA: 6.2 g/l ’12 pH: 3.45 TA: 5.9 g/l How

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Winery Water Bandits

Clark, Took your course at UCD, discovered then that we overlapped at college. I am a Cab grower for a high end Napa winery, 10 years. 

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