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Grilling the Candidates

As I explained in Spoofulated or Artisanal?, the conversion of grapes into that stuff in your glass is obviously a major technological reshaping every time. Unlike

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Pinot = Syrah?

In Dan Berger’s latest Vintage Experiences he relates a conversation with a fellow judge, and East Coast Burgundy junkie, who indicated concern about California Pinot Noir and

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Appellation panic

Huge flap by Napa vintners over tightening rulemaking procedures at TTB. Perhaps I am missing some subtleties, but the changes seem like a positive step towards real definition

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Physics or Cognition?

Readers of the recent SF Chronicle articles on the work I’m involved in concerning the resonance of wine and music have written me to ask whether I

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2007 Harvest Challenges

I hope a winemaker blogger can be forgiven some inactivity this time of year. As the 2007 harvest winds down, I thought a short note

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