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More Yeast Silliness

An announcement from the normally level-headed Australian Wine Research Institute regarding research into the selection of yeast strains which could less efficiently convert sugar to ethanol,

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Port Calculations

Here’s a winemaking brainteaser question I get asked a lot this time of year: Hey Clark, Could you check my math on making some port?

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Terrific New Tool

My assistant winemaker Petar Kirilov, a Bulgarian oenologist who I’ve had the pleasure to work with for two years now, has just put up, a

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What is Reduction?

A friend asked me to summarize what’s meant by this term. Since winelovers are a lot more familiar with oxidation, I could simply say that

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I’m back!

No, it wasn’t the Wine Police, just technical snafus which have kept the site down for almost a month. May the look and feel also

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