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Appellation America of my Eye

A terrific new site has emerged called Appellation America, which while ambitiously furthering the notion of transforming the way we think about wine in this country,

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The Good Side of Stinky

Get used to it. In an otherwise perfect wine, that tiny faint hint of …what is that? Rotten eggs? Mildewed washcloth? Clam bog? Or maybe

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Pimp My Wine!

Steve DeLong’s hilarious article “Pimp My Wine” expresses with good cheer the angst felt by the disillusioned wine buff who’s discovered that the fantasy that “wine makes itself” isn’t

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Sympathy for the Devil

Kudos to Eric Asimov of The Pour. His critical but sympathetic portrait of the much maligned Michel Rolland is a model for wine journalism, particularly in

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