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Dwight Furrow:      Materials on Altruism

Science, business, and altruism are among the many themes to be addressed at the Symposium. “Altruism” refers to our capacity to sacrifice our own interests for the sake of promoting the well being of others. Are scientists who act in the public interest motivated by altruism? What about business people? Are winemakers motivated by altruism? What does it mean to be motivated by altruism and is it always in conflict with self-interest?

I am posting a few items I’ve written on altruism and related themes.

--The first is an essay for the science and humanities blog Three Quarks Daily addressing the Effective Altruism movement and its attitude toward the arts. I don’t mention winemaking in the article but much of what I say about art would apply to wine as well.

The link is here:

--On a related topic, I recently wrote a short response to an article in the Washington Post defending luxury goods in an age of gross inequality. I use wine as my main example of a luxury good.

The link is here:

--Before writing on the aesthetics of food and wine, I primarily wrote on ethics. I have included in this folder, Chapter One from my book Ethics: Key Concepts that deals extensively with altruism as a motive.