"Natural Wines", Manipulation, & Technology Pros and Cons of Full Disclosure

Clar's wine-searcher.com article available at http://bit.ly/1DzmJTB and hotly debated by wineberserkers.com subscribers at http://bit.ly/1cf8Ncf.

A wonderfully balanced and perceptive piece by Copenhagen sommelier @ArvidRosengren on natural wines:


Arvid and Clark gave dual keynote addresses on the postmodern view at the 2013 Digital Wine Communicators Conference, in which Clark implored bloggers and other journalists to create an open listening in which winemakers can express their views rather than to suppress all discussion by branding all forms of artisanship as "manipulation."

Clark Critiques the Critics at the

Digital Wine Communications Conference

in Rioja, Spain October 25-27 2013


A tale of one winemaker's struggle to accept thermovinification as a bold new technique for improving the quality of Midwestern hybrid reds:  http://midwestwinepress.com/2013/10/24/thermovinification/

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